2014 World Cup Sketches: Germany v. Ghana

Wow, after a super boring first half the second half was ON FIRE. I always cheer Germany, but Ghana wanted this and played a really good game. They wanted it bad–I was disappointed with how Germany played at first, none of the swift organized teamwork that I saw in 2010. It seemed like they were so non-athletic compared to Ghana. I loved the strut! You earned it, lads! That German keeper was ticked.


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2014 World Cup Sketches: France v. Honduras

Let’s all take a moment not to remember, or even think about, the train wreck that was France during World Cup 2010. Whew! A refreshingly good game from France yesterday, and the way Honduras is going they’ll have a full deck of yellow cards by the time they are eliminated! Such bruisers. Have fun watching from the sidelines, Palacios!


And let’s keep an eye on Benzema, France #10!