Paris Rooftop Adventure 1

Children's Book project - Paris Rooftop Adventure image 1

Children’s Book project – Paris Rooftop Adventure image 1

After my last trip to France I kept daydreaming of rooftops and chimneys, so now I’m working on a Children’s Book project about a boy afraid of heights chasing his grandmother’s escaped rabbit across the rooftops of Paris. Now, let’s just pretend that there is no gravity and no danger and that nobody ever falls, ok?!

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Midwest Rendition of Snow White, revisited

Midwest rendition of Snow White

Midwest rendition of Snow White

The first version of this is here. The feedback I had gotten from Paul O. Zelinsky at the 2014 SCBWI Winter Conference was very useful, and in this version I expanded the background substantially.

In the following few illustrations I’ve done, I’ve been paying more attention to the edges–it’s a opportunity to make things interesting!


December 2012 Brussels, Belgium

December 2012 Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, Belgium for January 2013 issue of Oryx Magazine. Thanks to AD Steve Peaple and Rachel Smith.
This is the Sablon area of town featuring the Marolles, Notre Dame, Lola, Au Vieux Saint-Martin, the Taschen Bookstore, Wittamer chocolates and a couple designs by Elvis Pompilio.