Paris Rooftop Adventure Sketches

Charles Marville photographed Paris as it was converting to boulevards and grand buildings, and the photos he took show us what was left of a ancient city turned medieval city turned modern city…breathtakingly romantic and festering at the same time.


The drawing above was from one of his photographs that I can’t seem to find now, but you get the idea of the light and darks of the narrow streets, and the deteriorating buildings. You’ll find such narrow streets in the Marais area of Paris still, but the rest of the city has wide streets with grand buildings which replace what would have been many streets back in the day.

2015_01_rabbit chase rooftops

It was this setting whose rooftops were the initial inspiration for all those rooftop rabbit paintings!

Bastille Day NYC, 2012

2012_07_Bastille Day NYC


Can-can dancers, Tuba players, and a vibrant accordion player in bright blue shoes. Fiaf puts together a fun Bastille Day celebration every year on July 14th. That’s next Sunday! You should drop by! The 2012 Bastille Day was a really hot, humid affair, crowds packed into a narrow street alive with color, music, excited kids and the smells of delicious food. Much like a street fair in Paris, I’d imagine!


Bastille Day, NYC 2012

MoCCA Artfest 2013 Photos

Another great MoCCA Artfest, I walked around on Sunday to touch base with friends I haven’t seen in a awhile and get a feel for the new and exciting. One of the things I loved the most was the fact that I saw many familiar faces from Drink and Draw Like A Lady–another reason why that party is the best! Tags and links to follow, as always if you see yourself and want me to tag you or otherwise recognize you, feel free to shout out. And if you want to link to a photo to use in a blog post or write-up, don’t hesitate!

Drink and Draw Like A Lady, 2013

Ladies, I do have a few of your business cards so I will be linking to you on your photos. However–do you see yourself in a photo and you’d like to have a twitter, facebook, or webpage shoutout? Let me know!


One of the things I love about this party is how it is before MoCCA Artfest, so therefore I get to see all of the great people I’ve met At the actual show, and I have context for talking to them. Live long, Drink and Draw Like A Lady! (and, with your help, they can!)

MoCCA Artfest 2012

The fundraising convention for the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art in New York, MoCCA Artfest is one of the most exciting gathering of comic artists and publishers–independent, well-known, and soon-to-be-known!

If you see yourself here, please feel free to comment with your name and website–I must apologize for not doing more to tag everyone. I have lost all the materials you gave me throughout the evening!

Yes, I’m afraid every business card handed to me and every mini I got was lost in the water damage received due to a fire in the apartment above mine just over a week later. (all people and animals are ok!)

I’d love for credit to be where it needs to be, so if you see yourself or somebody you know, link to a website or make a comment! Thanks so much!