Ink Sketches: Inwood Hill Park in Snow

I’ve been fortunate to live across the street from a park for the majority of my life in New York City. First Grammercy Park, then Monsignor McGolick park, and now Inwood Hill park. The hill happens to be prominent from our windows and it is beautiful in every season.

2015_02_Inwood Hill Park Snow

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Sketches: King Tut & Akhenaten


Akhenaten, King Tut’s father, must have had a supremely interesting face. These sketches are from an exhibit I visited a while ago on King Tut and Akhenaten stole the show for me. He imposed some serious religious reforms that were subsequently destroyed after his death.


His reforms included eradicating old gods and replacing worship to one god, Aten, the sun disc. Tutankhamun’s original name, Tutankhaten, reflects this.


The above is drawn from an extremely accurate reproduction of King Tut‘s mummy. The feet fascinated me.

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The Met – Roman Sculpture


I love The Met so very much. I adore architecture and though sculpture is not one of my favorite things, that prejudice flies out the window if the sculpture is classical! So often museum time is spent with a goal in mind that to sit for an hour and just dive into the space…it’s a luxury.

Bastille Day NYC, 2012

2012_07_Bastille Day NYC


Can-can dancers, Tuba players, and a vibrant accordion player in bright blue shoes. Fiaf puts together a fun Bastille Day celebration every year on July 14th. That’s next Sunday! You should drop by! The 2012 Bastille Day was a really hot, humid affair, crowds packed into a narrow street alive with color, music, excited kids and the smells of delicious food. Much like a street fair in Paris, I’d imagine!


Bastille Day, NYC 2012