Frankfurt, Germany: revisited

Another take on the Frankfurt illustration from a few months back. The original version lacked a few places of interest that the publisher wanted highlighted, in addition to some extra locations that really could have been left out. This second version was decided against once the time and cost of re-doing the work proved to be more than ideal. So I finished it anyway and am pleased with the simpler look and gentle colors of it! Turnaround time was 2 days.



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Here are a few close ups, one of Br├╝ckenstra├če and the other of a sunbather in Niederrad.




The original version can be seen here.

Sketches: King Tut & Akhenaten


Akhenaten, King Tut’s father, must have had a supremely interesting face. These sketches are from an exhibit I visited a while ago on King Tut and Akhenaten stole the show for me. He imposed some serious religious reforms that were subsequently destroyed after his death.


His reforms included eradicating old gods and replacing worship to one god, Aten, the sun disc. Tutankhamun’s original name, Tutankhaten, reflects this.


The above is drawn from an extremely accurate reproduction of King Tut‘s mummy. The feet fascinated me.

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Sachsenhausen in Frankfurt, Germany


Sachsenhausen neighborhood of Frankfurt, including the Staedel Museum, Liebleghaus, Schirn, Lohninger Restaurant, Zum Gemalten Haus, Nina Hollein, Emma Metzler, Gerbermuehle and the little isle of Niederrad. Click to enlarge.

Thanks to Steve Peaple and Rachel Smith of Agencyfish!

The Met – Roman Sculpture


I love The Met so very much. I adore architecture and though sculpture is not one of my favorite things, that prejudice flies out the window if the sculpture is classical! So often museum time is spent with a goal in mind that to sit for an hour and just dive into the space…it’s a luxury.

Watercolor Sketch: Washington, DC


Featuring the Washington Monument and, I believe, the National Gallery of Art. The Mall was undergoing some restoration work. The first time I visited DC I was 15 and a sophmore in high school. I was dedicated to remember the French architect who designed the Mall somehow…so I now forever think of ‘diapers’. Diapers = Infants = L’Enfant. For Pierre Charles L’Enfant.
Cheesy, but 21 years later, still works!

Southwark street, London


For the April 2012 issue of Oryx, thank you to AD’s Steve Peaple and Lindy Polmeer. Featuring Borough Market, Monmouth Coffee, Tate Modern museum, Menier Chocolate Factory, the Thames river and the Southwark bridge, Anchor Bankside pub, The Globe Theatre and the Golden Hind. Click the images to enlarge!


Butterfly Conservatory at Museum of Natural History

Last week I finally got to go be surrounded by butterflies at the Museum of Natural History. Since they started their Butterfly Conservatory, I’ve wanted to go do this! The heat and humidity was intense, so I only stood in there a half an hour or so and sketched. I added some color later on. They are so fragile, fleeting, erratic little things and I felt like I couldn’t move much or else I’d walk into one or step on one!
2013_04_AMNH Butterfly

One landed on my hand and sat there for a while, doggedly stabbing at me with its whisker-like proboscis, sure that I had some nectar in there somewhere.