France Sketches: Prix de Diane

Woefully, this post has more interesting links in photos than it does sketches. The Prix de Diane is a horserace, the equivalent of the Kentucky Derby in the US. It is a wonderful opportunity for women to show off their hats. It’s also in Chantilly, one of the most beautiful (and horse-centric) towns in France.

2015_06_Prix de Diane 1

2015_06_Prix de Diane 2

I was able to sketch some of the race horses as they cooled down, walking, post-race. The crowd at this is intense! We walked a couple of miles through dust with a toddler in a stroller for the opportunity to down chablis and sandwiches in the hot sun. You know what? It was WORTH IT.

Watercolor Sketch: Les Grandes Ecuries à Chantilly


An overcast day makes for a moody watercolor sketch of the Grandes Ecuries (the Great Stables) in Chantilly, France. No horses there on the track that day, they were all inside the stables and arena, staying warm and dry and getting ready for the Christmas performance!

My Facebook cover photo is me in the middle of this sketch: