Commission for Karen

Karen contacted me for a very special Father’s Day commission for a trio of lovely individuals: her husband, son, and their beagle. Her son adores his daddy, and loves the romping outdoorsy aspect of summer. I think we have a farmer on our hands with his love for daddy’s ‘tractor’ (Lawnmower) and barns! I produced 3 roughs for Karen to choose from, below.

Click on images to enlarge.




She went with one of the more fantastical ones, much to my delight!


Here are a few close-ups:



Thank you, Karen! What a wonderful family you have!

Lettering: Anna Banana Sleep Tight

There is an adorable French series of children’s books called “Ana Ana” by Alexis Dormal and First Second Books is doing the English translations.


These books are so adorable I will go ahead and call them ‘adorbs’. They are… they are simply totes adorbs, my peeps.


And I had the very great pleasure of doing the lettering for this book! You can see my best Boings below, pre-cleanup. Many Boings went into making this book. Boings abound.

Boing Boing Boing web

Anna Banana Sleep Tight comes out in June, enjoy it at bedtime and any other time!

Rabid Rabbit comic: A Tale of Toads and Diamonds

This comic was for a “Fairy Tale” based Rabid Rabbit, issue #11. It was based on a French fairy tale, a classic morality approach, “Be nice, you’ll get a prince!”

Rabid Rabbit Comic: The Cat Who Became The Head Forester

This story was for Rabid Rabbit 10, “Kitty, Kitty”. I was reading a book of Russian fairy tales at the time and it was a tie between this one and one where a 9 year old drunkard kills an entire army and seduces the Tzar’s daughter. Incidentally, most of those tales ended in, “It was all true, I was there, I drank at their wedding but all of it ran down into my beard and I didn’t get a drop.”

Rabid Rabbit: Horror

Rabid Rabbit #9 was “Horror” and a great opportunity for me to get into an irrational fear of mine: sharks.

MoCCA Artfest 2013 Photos

Another great MoCCA Artfest, I walked around on Sunday to touch base with friends I haven’t seen in a awhile and get a feel for the new and exciting. One of the things I loved the most was the fact that I saw many familiar faces from Drink and Draw Like A Lady–another reason why that party is the best! Tags and links to follow, as always if you see yourself and want me to tag you or otherwise recognize you, feel free to shout out. And if you want to link to a photo to use in a blog post or write-up, don’t hesitate!

Drink and Draw Like A Lady, 2013

Ladies, I do have a few of your business cards so I will be linking to you on your photos. However–do you see yourself in a photo and you’d like to have a twitter, facebook, or webpage shoutout? Let me know!


One of the things I love about this party is how it is before MoCCA Artfest, so therefore I get to see all of the great people I’ve met At the actual show, and I have context for talking to them. Live long, Drink and Draw Like A Lady! (and, with your help, they can!)