Final Illustration for Oryx Magazine: Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece, an illustration for Oryx Magazine featuring Romvis street, Pure Bliss cafe, Filema Tavern, Baba au Rum, Faust Theatre Bar, St. Irene’s Square, Throubi Bar and Kostas’ Souvlaki.


This is the last illustration I will have the pleasure of doing for Oryx Magazine. Like many periodicals, they are moving less in the direction of illustration and more towards photography. It was a great pleasure working with Steve Peaple, Lindy Polmeer, and Rachel Smith over the past three years (that’s a long haul guys, thanks!) and hopefully I will get the chance to work with them at Agencyfish in the future. Click on images to enlarge, a few close-ups are below.


The Acropolis, which I could not resist inserting!


Kostas’ Souvlaki is located a few streets away. Delicious souvlaki!

Frankfurt, Germany: revisited

Another take on the Frankfurt illustration from a few months back. The original version lacked a few places of interest that the publisher wanted highlighted, in addition to some extra locations that really could have been left out. This second version was decided against once the time and cost of re-doing the work proved to be more than ideal. So I finished it anyway and am pleased with the simpler look and gentle colors of it! Turnaround time was 2 days.



Please click to enlarge.

Here are a few close ups, one of Br├╝ckenstra├če and the other of a sunbather in Niederrad.




The original version can be seen here.

Bucharest, Romania


Bucharest, Romania, for Oryx magazine September 2013 Edition. Thanks to Steve Peaple, Lindy Polmeer, and Rachel Smith!
Featuring Ion Voicu park, many Belle Epoque villas, neo Romanian house, Gradina Icoanei park, Romana square, the French Institute, the Anglican church, Ion Mincu house, and Carturesti bookshop–which looks like a book-and tea-lovers heaven.


Process sketch, where for the first time I get to experiment with some lettering. Fun! AgencyFish decided on the more decorative look. I am excited to improve my hand-lettering. Please click on any of the images to enlarge.

Galata, Istanbul, Turkey: Re-visited

Happy birthday to me! To celebrate, I’m happy to show off a revision that I’ve been working on; that of Galata, Istanbul. I originally did this for Oryx back in April of this year and since then have been slowly tinkering on another version of it based on the colors and figures I think I should have gone with instead.


For all images, please click to enlarge. I’m so much more happy with the colors, and the way the street stands out in the detail image below:


Sachsenhausen in Frankfurt, Germany


Sachsenhausen neighborhood of Frankfurt, including the Staedel Museum, Liebleghaus, Schirn, Lohninger Restaurant, Zum Gemalten Haus, Nina Hollein, Emma Metzler, Gerbermuehle and the little isle of Niederrad. Click to enlarge.

Thanks to Steve Peaple and Rachel Smith of Agencyfish!

The Met – Roman Sculpture


I love The Met so very much. I adore architecture and though sculpture is not one of my favorite things, that prejudice flies out the window if the sculpture is classical! So often museum time is spent with a goal in mind that to sit for an hour and just dive into the space…it’s a luxury.