France Sketches and Photos: Les Grandes Écuries and Potager des Princes

The Grandes Ecuries in Chantilly had a fantastic dressage demonstration. I’ve taken dressage lessons. It’s hard as heck, and that’s even when your horse is feeling compliant that day! Dressage horses take a good 6 years to train, and need to be mature before starting, so you really have to choose wisely. My sassypants 16-year-old Morgan mare improved from dressage training but it was safe to say we weren’t going to go much further than that.


Watching professionals–horse and human alike–is really spectacular.


The stables are lovely. The outdoor arena was spacious and the weather couldn’t be beat on that day.


The museum itself held many exhibits, one of which had caricatures of notable jockeys, trainers and owners.


And the Potager des Princes was the garden of the Duke of Chantilly. The gardens are beautiful as they are developing this museum; it’s especially geared towards children. Many breeds of rabbit were featured as prince food.


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